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Fat-Loss Cashback

Get rewarded for losing fat and see you training fee's reduced, as you get closer to your goals. A great way to inspire, motivate and commit to your body goals.


Contact david@fitnessperks.co.uk now for more information and discover how losing fat and mproving your waistline can reduce your training costs.

Fighting Fit

If you feel low in energy and tired during the day, then maybe some cardiovascular exercise could improve the way you feel. Like any other muscle in your body your heart needs training to improve its performance. Our heart works as pump to supply blood around the body, which carries oxygen and nutrients, the more oxygen and nutrients supplied to different parts of the body the better it functions.


  • Ongoing assessment of your cardiovascular performance

Muscle Maker

Developing muscular strength is a combination of structured periodic training, diet and rest. Often people become disappointed with not seeing immediate gains when working with weights. Age and prior gym experience are important factors when considering developing your body for improved strength.

Within the first few months of training your brain responds to the training stimulus and begins sending messages to the trained area of the body, once this neural function is developed then only does muscular hypertrophy (muscle development) start to occur.

  • Exercise stimulus needs to be changed regularly as the body adapts.
  • A combination of protein (relevant to your body weight), cereals and grains, and a variety of fruits and vegetables are necessary for your muscles to develop.
  • Rest and sleep releases growth hormone = muscle.


Zero Hero

If a low body fat percentage is your goal, then losing weight is about expending more energy from your food sources than you actually put in your body day to day. A combination of exercise and diet, creating a daily calorie deficit, will bring you closer to dropping those kilos.




  • Too much too soon will only shock your body and ultimately lower your resting metabolic rate, making weight loss harder in the future. We will discuss realistic goals during a consultation.

Kick Start

If you are new to fitness or looking to gain some solid foundations for exercise, then get 'kickstarted'  with this bespoke training package. Introducing you to all elements of exercise, nutrition, well being and postural correction. After this intensive program you should be more than confident to go it alone or minimise your need for coaching.


  • A progessive program of instruction over a 3 or 6 month period
  • Building you up to train 3-5 times per week
  • Targeted fat loss, cardiorespiratory fitness, functional movement and working with resistance
  • Fundamentals of resistance training
  • Body composition and dietary assessment
  • Fitness testing
  • Postural assessment, correction and core stabilisation

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